• She may have

    produced many foals for you,

  • or been a

    race winner herself.

  • He may have carried you

    through the growth of your career.

  • He may have been

    your best mate through childhood,

  • and

    frolicked with your kids too.



Whatever your history, when the time comes to say goodbye, concern about the shear size of your friend can distract from your vision of how you would like to remember them, and how you would like them attended to. Horse cremation is not the daunting task you may think. While we are a small team of dedicated individuals, Soul Friend Pet Cremations is a large scale facility with two cremators that are capable of cremating an entire horse.

We can arrange and coordinate dignified transport solutions should your horse pass away at home. We are prepared and experienced in removing horses from difficult situations and will mobilize a range of accessories to enable us to remove your horse respectfully and as swiftly as possible.

Price is determined by the weight of the animal, and by the transport requirement, so this service is priced on application.

Each cremation is individual, so only your animal’s ashes are returned. You can elect to have all ashes returned, or a portion as a token. We can polish and return a horse shoe when requested.


  • Quick, clean and tidy
  • Respectful and dignified
  • You can retain your ashes in an urn or scatter/bury them in places that have meaning for you
  • Responsible if you board your horse and are not the land owner




When I look into the eyes of an animal,
I do not see an animal.
I see a living being, I see a friend.
I feel a soul

- A.D. Williams